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About Go West

GO-WEST – The True Story

Owner and respected Goodwood businessman, Ronald Burns shares his story, the Go West story.

''Way back in the 1980's we rented an office here to provide a document imaging service using microfilm to some large companies. We shared the top floor with a jeweller, property broker, furniture maker and some others. As time went on and tenants left the building and we acquired their offices. At one stage half the floor was used for document storage and the rest for microfilming and our business was rather sucessfull. Then digital storage happened...

Digital storage brought the microfilming of documents to an end and we did not have the resources to compete with the bigger players. We then sold our stake in the documents archive services industry and were then stuck with a lease, about 15 empty offices and no idea into which direction next. After much research, we found that there was a need for a safe, secure and clean meeting place for couples and converted the empty offices into rooms.

In the year 2000 we got licenced to operate and Go West opened its doors. We have now established a niche market of regular guests, genuine couples seeking a meeting place at a price which they can afford and which was also available 24/7".

Built in 1967 the building originally housed a medical centre and has gone through many transformations over the past 48 years and is about to go through another one as Go West has now been classified as a hotel. A “hotel” we thought not, however in some eastern countries they are called “Love Hotels” for obvious reasons as guest only stay for a few hours or less.
In Europe and the States similar establishments have become popular coining the term micro-stay hotels.

This new classification brings with it a host of new possibilities that our guests will enjoy in the future.
54 Voortrekker Road, Goodwood 7460
(021) 591 7411 / (021) 592 4190
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